happy new year

Once again the holidays have swept by in a rush of preparation and celebration; shopping, decorating, wrapping, cooking, visiting... all the things which make this such a beautiful, happy time of year. These past seven years have been especially wonderful because nothing quite puts the magic in the holidays like having grandchildren!!  ..and I am one of the lucky ones for whom this is my reality! Once again there has been an added layer of joy (although now this holds on merely by a thread!) and that is their vivid belief in the magic of it all! This year questions were being asked as they moved onto the shifting edge between mystery and reality... but for now at least, anything was possible!

I decided to take several weeks off from teaching classes and instead worked on a few pieces for myself in the studio. I decided that this year I will look into a few possible ways to show my work publicly although right now I have no idea what that will entail or mean... I am pretty sure however that it will take a deal of thought in finding a match for both nude art, and the fact that these are drawings.... accommodating both aspects will take time and dedication; I will need to get the word out and that is certainly not my strength, but I believe in my work and am passionate about the figure, and in the end that might be enough...

I am excited at the prospect of 2018 spreading it's wings before me ready for take off! I feel it could be a year of accomplishment and growth and in so many aspects of my life there are seeds ready planted to grow, and pathways lightly marked waiting to be taken... I'm ready; watch this space!!!