February already!

I am sitting at my desk listening to the rain outside and feeling immense gratitude for the gift of art in my life. It is by no means the aspect that I am most grateful for as my little family and especially my amazing grandchildren have that permanently captured, but it is the other great love of my life and my reason for wanting to teach and share the joy it brings me. I am often asked to demonstrate technique and process and hope this year to make a couple of short videos available here to provide easy reference for things that I take for granted but which may be insightful to others still discovering their own pathways... I will ask my students for input and then find a willing friend to handle the details!!

I am always surprised at the popularity of my classes and the lack of other venues offering anything similar... I heard a rumour that UCSC was changing it's curriculum to accommodate more computer graphics and reduce the amount of life drawing available to it's students. It made me sad because while I absolutely understand the limited use nowadays in commerce of hand drawn art, the way that skill underpins all other learned ability is recognised widely. I hope it does not come to pass any time soon... I will continue to believe, as is evident in the big movie production houses, that there will ALWAYS be a supreme place for regular drawing practice from a live model and nothing else will replace it!

I hope next time I get on here that I will have a photo to add of my new studio, and at least a token update on my video plans! Meanwhile stay dry and keep practicing!!!!!