...suddenly it's winter

Every year I am caught by surprise when the evenings turn so cold after the balmy summer nights we get used to! The days are warm and comfortable now and come sun down it is time to snuggle up in a cardigan or under a blanket and drink hot tea!! I love it!

This week I started back to my private classes and realise all over again how much I enjoy teaching; the many moments when a student really understands something new. It is such a connection, such a privilege. I am about to take a new young student under my wing and that brings a special kind of joy... there is so much to learn, so many years ahead to employ and expand upon it.

Tomorrow I start a new painting! It is always a complication of feelings; excitement, apprehension, enthusiasm, nervousness... but I cannot wait to begin. I am also going to buy pumpkins with my grand-daughter ready for carving in time for Halloween. Life is filled with so much joy and each day with new adventure! I will soon post steps along the way as I begin the process of my new project....