I wanted to post a few pictures of 'the studio', my studio, that I often refer to. It is a lovely space and I spend a great deal of time there drawing, painting, teaching, or just to sit surrounded by art, books and the special energy of creativity that lives in such a place. I have pretty much always had a studio space either in my home or outside of it, and it has, over time, become almost essential. There is a part of me that 'belongs' to my art, it is difficult to describe any other way; a core self that is fed and feeds me through drawing and immersing.

How fortunate to be born an artist, because that is how it feels; that I was born to be this artist! Even as a young child I would answer the question 'what do you want to be', with 'but I am an artist!'...I guess I was never GOING to be, I always knew I WAS, and throughout my life I have lived true to that knowledge and followed that path. At many times it was very confusing and hard to stay focused as I struggled to raise my children, provide for us all and stay true to myself.. but I adapted and experimented and bluffed my way through, learning and pushing myself to try new things and always, ALWAYS, believing in my ability and my art. The remarkable thing though, having said that, is most often it does not feel like 'me' who necessarily creates the images but rather that I am merely a part of a process larger and outside of myself who ultimately produces them. Very often I look at something I have drawn, usually during rather than at the end of the process, and wonder where it came from! It is a very humbling experience and the element I hunger for; that feeling of belonging to something much greater than myself, the tapping into a universal energy/ source, where all creativity connects. It is blissful and emotional and I simply cannot imagine a life without it. Whenever I hear that arts programs are being cut, or that children do not have art in their lives, or when a new student tells me that they loved art as a child but were discouraged or never found the time to do it, and now in retirement they are giving themselves that gift, I feel the sense of loss so profoundly. For many students it becomes a passion fairly early on, like finding a missing part of themselves, and they feel the hunger too!!! I am so so fortunate to be able to communicate some of what I have learned from my amazing teachers on to them...

studio bench2.jpg
studio couch.jpg