My wonderful students


Today I taught my three hour figure drawing workshop and was once again delighted and grateful for the enthusiasm and support this class continues to engender even after a year of offering it. Initially the intention was simply to provide an affordable opportunity for ongoing students to practice their skills in a long study, not always possible in a short class. So many beautiful drawings result from their dedication and focus and the atmosphere is supportive and welcoming.

I have been giving a good deal of thought to the subject matter for my videos. So far the categories are...  preparation and basics from sharpening a pencil to use of and options in materials, relative measurement and foreshortening, perspective and negative space, gestural lines, arcs and angles, shading and form, etc.... so many ongoing areas to explore as we get going! I think maybe the way to get the blog out into the world would be to link it to my Art Page on FB and hope people who see it and find it useful will spread the word to other potentially interested parties!!! Feedback would be much appreciated!!

My personal life has been extremely full and magical these past summer months. I have a third grandchild who is beyond beautiful, my daughter celebrated her wedding and I welcomed a new son into my life, my dear sister came to visit and shed her loveliness on to my world... and my heart is so brimming over with love, gratitude and joy for every good and extraordinary thing in my life; there are so very many...