August 2016 - Welcome to my site...

Welcome to my web site and of course to the blog! This is a new concept to me but one I welcome. Ultimately I hope to post short, frequently asked for, inputs on common problems that beginning artists confront when embracing the journey into drawing for the first time, or resuming after a prolonged period of abstinence!!!!! For now I will simply tell you all the things I have been accomplishing (or trying to!!) in this month of August 2016.

My Studio Space - Garden/Deck Facing Shot

When I first mentioned the need and desire to build a web site, to my friend Mike Barnes, it was casually over a cup of tea in Aptos. We had actually met to talk about a house we had shared with friends, many moons previously, and which was now becoming available again!! We both had our individual interest in this happening at precisely this moment, and for very different reasons!! The house itself is beautiful and Mike simply wanted to live there again. I had been looking for a studio space to begin teaching my now growing student body, on an individual basis as well as to provide a private place to work. We decided to take a chance and at least mutually support one another while working out exactly how to do it!

Studio - Facing the modeling couch

Several months later we are so happy we did. Mike lives in his home and I have a spectacular sunroom to inspire me to work! … and inspire me it did! Apart from producing over twenty drawings, we have collaborated on this beautiful web site, organized printing and framing a few pieces of art, and I have started to teach classes each week!! 

It is a very exciting time!